A Photo A Day : Day 6 Bun Hue

The weather is changing and I feel like I’m back east, so today was truly a hot soup kind of day. I have not eaten meat for 3 months now and I’m on a semi vegan diet. I was craving something meaty, and Loving Hut hit the spot.

I ordered the Bun Hue for the first time. A dish that originated in central Âu Lạc ! Well, this is a vegan adaptation of it. Rather than using beef there are thin strips of vegan protein that tastes reminiscent of beef with a similar texture. Main difference is it’s less chewy.

It’s a very flavorful dish, with a light amount of mushrooms and rich soup base. Soon I was  drinking out of the bowl by the end of the meal. If you enjoy Pho with lots of siracha, plum sauce and basil then you may enjoy this dish.

I sure did. 🙂

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