Kennedy DeSousa


I’m Kennedy, a creative artist and designer from Philadelphia. I’m inspired by people, their stories and alien environments. I practice being mindful and present to what’s around me to gather inspiration from something as mundane as an ant crawling on the ground to a stranger in need of conversation (see what I mean!).

After graduating from Cal Arts, I traveled around the country and the world living as a Photographer meeting countless people from all walks of life. I enjoy helping others by contributing my fair share of positivity to this world. Over the years through the process of creative survival, I’ve learned many skills from marketing, web development and photo retouching which lead me to UX design. Currently, I’m attending UC Berkeley Extension, Professional Program in User Experience (UX) Design.

I’m passionate about photography/film, traveling and experiencing culture through food and music. You can find me reading a good book, taking photos, meeting people and teaching conversational English to native Thai speakers to help broaden opportunities through language exchange.