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Memoirs of a Not So Starving Artist – Growing up I was told I would starve if I chose the path of an artist. I grew up to be a Not-So Starving Artist. I put into practice to invest 45 minutes a day to do my passion. Originally, I started captured a photo everyday, whether it be a professional assignment, to a personal mission. Later, this project lead me to discover other deep interests. I pulled away from social media for a few years and continued to spend more time looking inward and learned new skillsets. Over the years I learned Thai, web development, and that all lead me to UX Design, Enjoy!


Photo of the Day 355

Photo of the Day 355 I went out with some awesome people to see The Martian. I had a great time, but sadly I didn't bring my camera. When I got home and settled in, close to midnight I captured Olive chewing on her pork skin toy. Although, I have