Jessica Reddy NYLO

The goal was to create a portfolio suited for the mother look with a touch of Yoga/fitness. I shot her fitness shots using lights against the sun to give it more contrast. For her head shots I shot using natural light. Many years ago I realized that you can use your environment and the position of sun to create some wonderful naturally lit images! For example conscious of the position of the sun I was able to use a white wall of a building as natural reflector to create a flattering headshot (2nd image).

There are many tricks I’ve learned over the years just by paying close attention to details while shooting. Like with any passion or job much practice paired with reflection will evolve you philosophy in which will result in an evolution in your approach and yield great results! That is the trick that applies all spectrums of life!



Jessica Reddy NyloJessica Reddy Nylo

Jessica Reddy NyloJessica Reddy Nylo Jessica Reddy Nylo