Photo a Day : Day 37 Dragons and Cannoli’s

After a long week of photo retouching, I did attempt to work on some of my side projects. I was drained… My friend came down from the city to catch up. We enjoyed a few rounds of “The Last Dragon” at The Hash House. “The Last Dragon” consists of 3 shots taken strictly in this order: a shot of Jameson, beer, and bloody mary mix. Not quite sure what kind of beer, but my best guess is it was Heineken. Those shots together made my soul glow like Bruce Leroy.

We went back to my place and chatted about philosophical concepts. All this talk about consciousness made me hungry. I picked up Cannoli’s from A Slice of New York, these guys actually fly their canolli’s from New York. As we stuffed our faces I was inspired to test my camera on them. I wanted to know if the newly modified camera could flash sync with my Pro-Foto 7B lighting kit. Then, to my surprise it flash synced with no problems!

I was inspired by the moment.


DSC_0035scan 2014_11_15 22-00-20Tested the Manuel 3000 Polaroid Rangefinder MODed by Option 8! I synced my new camera with the Pro Foto 7B clocked the shutter speed to 1/1000 sec ! Caught, them in the moment of dessert sugar bliss! 



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