Photo of the Day : Day 156 The Girl Next Door is Black

I first met Keisha at our mutual friend Dave’s birthday party a year ago, it wasn’t until the second time we met I found out she had a blog, ” The Girl Next Door is Black“. We befriended each other and stayed in touch via Instagram and I signed up to her newsletter and been following her blog posts ever since which brought us to this cute boutique cafe  Chestnut Street Coffee with her giving me insights on her life and blog.

Keisha is a New York native and  lived there till 9 years old she then moved to a middle class neighborhood in Texas. Later on in life after college she eventually settled in San Francisco, which gave her a blended experience. Family and friends always enjoyed reading her long Facebook status and photo albums posts on her Facebook page. They would periodically suggest that she should start a blog. One day in August 2012 Keisha was on a sabbatical from full time job. During that time she came across the opportunity to go to Tanzania to teach English for 3 weeks.


Before leaving to Tanzania Keisha wanted to find a way to share her journey with other’s outside of her social sphere and write a more in depth documentation of her experience. She always had a passion for writing so she felt it was time to finally take the advice of her loved ones and start a blog. With her varied interests she didn’t know what the name of her blog should be. After asking her friends based on her personality what do you think my blog should be called, they too were stumped.

Keisha wanted to share her experience being a African American women that doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s perception of an African American female. She enjoys subjects on social issues in society,as well as shares her experiences in life and travel. In August 2012 was when her blog,” The Girl Next Door Is Black” was born!

The Girl Next Door is Black

The aim of, “The Girl Next Door is Black” is to reach people who are on the fence and show them that deep down inside we all are the same with different life experiences. Although Keisha is busy with her day job she invests her time developing her blog everyday!  She is a great example of a person that incorporates her passion in her everyday life! I look forward to seeing reading more of Keisha’s work!






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